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Hajj: Intending pilgrims cautioned against unholy acts

Intending pilgrims from Nigeria for the 2015 Hajj in the holy land of Saudi Arabia have been cautioned against acts capable of vitiating their pilgrimage.
The Chief Imam of the Kwara State University (KWASU), Malete, Dr. Hamzah AbdulRaheem, gave the admonition during a Friday sermon on the importance of the holy pilgrimage on Friday, August 14.
The Chief Imam explained that Hajj, as the fifth pillar of Islam, must be performed in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations.
He said pilgrims must avoid unguarded utterances while performing Hajj rites in order to have full rewards from Allah.
Dr. AbdulRaheem stated that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was quoted to have said, “Whoever performed Hajj and did not do anything wrong during the pilgrimage, he will return home as sinless as the day he was born.”
“Again, if you perform Hajj very well, it destroys all your past sins apart from shirk (associating partners with Allah). So, that particular pillar of Islam is important and obligatory on all Muslims; at least once in a lifetime,” the Imam stated.
The scholar also said that the most appropriate thing for an intending female pilgrim is to perform Hajj with her husband, but that if circumstances do not permit, she could travel with mahram (any relative she is not allowed to marry).
The Chief Imam noted that an intending female pilgrim should seek the permission of her husband before embarking on the pilgrimage. “But if the husband refuses to give her permission, and if that is her first Hajj, which is the compulsory one, she could proceed without the husband’s permission. This is the position of the scholars,” he explained.

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