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‘I’m fulfilled working at KWASU’ – Ogunjenmi

His good human relations skills and passion for his job have endeared him to many. Having joined the Kwara State University (KWASU), Malete, since its inception in 2009, Alhaji Oba Ogunjenmi, leaves no one in doubt as to his ability to perform his duty diligently as Chief Driver in the Works and Physical Panning Department of the University. Born in 1952, Ogunjenmi began driving in 1972. He is a professional driver who relates well with everyone that comes his way. He shares his experiences with KWASU UPDATE.

How has it been since joining KWASU services?

I give thanks to God Almighty because it has been a worthwhile experience. I joined the Kwara State University in 2009 after my retirement from Governor’s Office, Ilorin. Coming to KWASU has afforded me the opportunity to meet loving and caring people. This has indeed served as a motivation for me because we love one another and work harmoniously.

Any improvement in your life compared to where you retired from?

I thank God for the gift of life and sound health.

Do you have time for yourself as Chief Driver with the University Library?

I have time for myself and family, especially on weekends and Sundays.

Have you ever thought of resigning at any point in time?

It happens everywhere. At times when one is fed up, there is every possibility for one to think of throwing in the trowel. But when one thinks deeply and realises that there is nowhere to go, one will definitely have a rethink.

Have your wife and children ever complained of the nature of your work and asked you to quit?

There was never a time they made such complaint because they know that is where I take care of the family. Although the job has its shortcomings, we have to endure if we must give our children sound education, so that they can be better off in future.

Number of children

I have one wife and blessed with five children. In fact, one of them is now working with KWASU.

Happiest moment

My happiest moment was when one of my children was employed at KWASU.

Saddest moment

My saddest moment was when my vehicle developed a fault in Oyo State while returning from Ghana. That was my saddest moment because I had a very important engagement at home which I could not meet as a result of the incident.

How do you relax?

I always have time to relax during students’ long vacation. I like relaxing with Malt. I neither drink alcohol nor smoke cigarette. I only derive pleasure from drinking malt and taking bitter collar, as well as Tom Tom.
Favourite food

My favourite food is pounded yam and egusi soup.


My advice to the University Management is that as drivers, we too should be considered for local and international training programmes at regular intervals to improve our performance.

To fellow drivers

We should continue to be of good behaviour so that people will continue to admire us.

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