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‘Cancer kills but doesn’t kill very fast’

By Abdulquadri Hassan Alowonle

Cancer is a common disease condition that kills many people in the society. But it doesn’t kill quickly and can be avoided. This was conveyed in a campaign mounted by the 400 level students of …. in Kwara State University, Malete.

According to the campaign leader Wakeela Olanrewaju, there are several kinds of cancer, namely breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, anal cancer, brain cancer, eye cancer, ovarian cancer, penile cancer and skin cancer. All sort of cancers are hazardous to human health but because it doesn’t kill very fast many individuals tend to shun and pay less regard to it remedy, he said.

She added that many people often hear the word cancer but due to the locality of the area, however, they do not know how to prevent it or take care of themselves when they experience it.

Olanrewaju stated that the campaign was undertaken “in order to expose the inhabitants of Malete and the students to causes of cancer and its prevention.” She explained that smoking of marijuana and cigarette are the major causes of lung cancer.

In the words of Olanrewaju, in 2015 alone, the death rate from cancer was 25%. But majority of the youths today are addicted to smoking which they count as sign of maturity, whereas it is very dangerous to their trachea, she observed. Some elderly individuals, she remarked, do take it for fun and some take it to energize or improve their potentiality. But the danger behind smoking is ominous and it leads to death, she hinted.

Sunlight, UV exposure and bleaching cream can cause what is known as skin cancer, she added. Viral diseases are also caused through penetration of the ray of the sunlight, while 80% of penetration of sunlight on the skin can lead to skin cancer because the ray goes along with the mercury and once it kills the epidemer, the damer will be weakened and it cause skin cancer, she explained.

Olanrewaju warned that constant use of cream will peel off the outer layer of the skin, the skin will collapse and such person will eventually have cancer. “The truth behind the bleaching cream is that they contain mercury and too much of it can damage the skin. We tried to reach out and orientate people about some products they use that can cause cancer,” she said.

Also, according to her, breast cancer is caused by improper care of the bra, unhealthy weight and taking of alcohol. “Some ladies are not conscious to their underwear, wearing of a bra for three days without washing it is unhygienic,” she warned.

She further warned against that the habit of “keeping of branded product or currency in the bra can lead to cancer and this habit is common among the market women because they think it is the safest place to keep money.The drinking of alcohol by a lady can also lead to breast cancer,” she explained.

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