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3 non student phone snatchers apprehended in KWASU

By khadijat kawunda & Aishat Agboola

Nemeses caught up with three phone snatchers operating in KWASU, Malete town and environ last weekend as they were apprehended by officials of the university safety in collaboration with the police.

Kwasu times was reliably informed that the phone snatchers came in a vehicle probably from other institutions around, packed their vehicle somewhere and entered the campus individually by different means so as not to be suspected.

One of them was apprehended by an official of the University Safety and upon interrogation it was discovered that he came into the campus with two other accomplices.

The trio was later arrested and handed over to the police for further interrogation by the kwasu Safety Unit.

However, as the suspects were been taken to Ilorin township by the police in other to undertake a search of their houses on Sunday afternoon the vehicle in which they are travelling was involved in a near fatal accident near Sobi Barracks by the military checkpoint.

Kwasu times was at the scene shortly after the accident and saw military personnel, Mr Paul Kanu of Kwasu Safety Unit as well as the Toyota Highlander Jeep in which they were travelling.

Kwasu times learnt that the vehicle in which they were travelling had break failure on approaching the bridge from Sobi Barracks and the driver raising the alarm for the military personnel to clear the road.

The driver eventually maneuvered the vehicle into the bush with none of the passengers sustaining an injury.
Only the bumper of the Toyota Highlander in which they were traveling got disconnected

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