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Campus: A competitive environment

By Atanda Lateefat Oreoluwa

The typical college campus is a friendly place, but it is also a competitive environment. The education received there and the attitudes developed will guide you to walk right in the right path leading to success in future. Your grades is important in getting your first job, or when applying for one. To be a successful student requires skills.

Making excellence or being the best academically is not necessarily a thing of words but of decision. Besides, life does not give you what you deserve but what you decide. Moreover, what you will get at the end of any examination will not depend on the options available, but the choices you make. Until you know what to reject, you cannot possess what you deserve. Thus, the rejection of failure is the starting point of possession of good grades or success. So, determine in your heart today what grade is expected of you, because if you don’t stand for SOMETHING, you will fall for ANYTHING. Owing to this fact, all that you need to become an excellent student already lies within you. Work it out by motivating yourself today. Motivating yourself is the best motivation in life. If you think you deserve the best; go for it, you have all it takes to get it.

Research has made it known that every human is born with the same number of brain cells regardless of race, gender or family background. Therefore, no one has the potency to be better than you, until you give him/her the right to be. You have all the brain cells you need to excel. So, look for a good reason to do a great thing, because what is within you is capable of producing what you need around you. Remember, you are a success and there is no failure in you. In fact, you can’t fail, because no man has ever failed in life, unless he/she stopped trying.

Human beings are creatures of habit. Therefore, form a habit of doing what you reason you should do. Is it not foolish for your behaviour to contradict your own reasoning? And what could be more harmonious than finding yourself wanting to do what you know you should? If you’re targeting to become the best in your area of interest or profession, there are some things you need to take into consideration, such as:

Prioritize your life: Excellent performance should be your top priority. Before you can become the best and be called a scholar, you have to study for at least four hours daily. Your studies come before anything else. Never miss a class, if you truly desire the result you need to get to the top.

Time management: Time management is a key no matter how you slice it; there are only 24 hours in a day. Good time management requires:

Time planning for each task of the day.

Reasonably estimating the time required to perform each of the tasks at hand.

Do the right thing at the perfect time. That is the song of champions.

A minute now is as precious as a minute later. You can’t put time back on the dock.

If you are not ahead of schedule, then you are behind schedule, because if you try to remain right on schedule, then any mishap or misjudgment will cause you to fall behind- perhaps right at the deadline, when no recovery is possible.
Concentrate: Remember in all academic work or pursuit for success, if you don’t pay attention you will eventually face the penalty. In other words, where there is no sacrifice there will be no success. Concentration requires the combination of your body and mind. Bring your mind to the class; if you want to succeed academically you can’t be here and there at the same time. Besides, anything you give attention to, will definitely give you direction.

Introspection: Understand, and be honest with yourself. Face your insecurities head-on. Form a positive self-image: those who are first entering college will probably have doubt about how well they will do. Try too well immediately to instill an expectation of continuing to do well. Settle for nothing less. Nevertheless, try to be restricted by your past performance and experiences, good or bad. Learn from the past, but don’t be bound by it. Seek out your weaknesses and attack them. Be realistic about your limitations; but, don’t let this lead to becoming satisfied with them.

Self discoveries: To be a successful student you have to discover yourself to know your abilities and limitation and at the same time you have to become your own manager guiding yourself through your studies.

Taking a course; each student’s attitude is some mixture of the following:

  • He/she wants to learn the material.
  • He/she wants to get a good grade.
  • He/she doesn’t care.
  • Each instructor’s attitude is some mixture of the following:
  • He/she wants student to learn the material.
  • He/she wants grading to be fair and reflect student’s knowledge and abilities.
  • He/she doesn’t care.

In order to do well in a course, it is up to you students to do following:

  • Learn the material.
  • Learn the instructor.

As for the latter, pay attention in class to the instructors patterns, to what he/she emphasizes. Gather information about the instructor from other students.

Home work: Don’t think that getting the right answer to a homework problem implies that you have mastered the corresponding material. All you have done is solving one particular problem; that does not mean you have necessarily learned how to solve all such problems (such as the ones to appear on your exams). It’s up to you to view the homework problems from this wider perspective. If available, always go over the solutions provided by the instructor, even if you did well on the assignment. He/she may demonstrate methods [perhaps more efficient] or provide useful information that you hadn’t thought of.

Exams: Roughly prioritize material as to its importance (primary, secondary, tertiary), and concentrate your studying on the most significant topics. Remember the instructor only has a limited amount of time to test what you know and can do. Thus, keep in mind when preparing for an exam that the problems cannot be too complicated if they are to fit within the allotted time.

Successful student accept responsibility for themselves and their behaviour. Only you can be responsible for yourself. Remember, you are in school for your education, not for someone else’s. If you feel that you are not sure you want to be here, ask yourself where you would like to be. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anyone thing.” Successful students tend to be realistic and recognize that their success or failure is primarily determined by their efforts.

Don’t whine. You will be fine!

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