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Economic recession has affected sales of smart phones in Nigeria

Ten years on, Tecno Mobile has played significantly well in the Nigerian market. Just last month, the smart phone maker took its first official step into the international scene with the launch of Phantom 6 series. In an interview recently with Technology Journalists, Eason Duan, Country General Manager, TECNO Mobile took stock of their success stories in Africa, blueprint in establishing manufacturing plant in Nigeria and how economic recession in the country has increased prices of mobile devices.


Tecno after 10 years in Nigerian market

In the past ten years, we leverage our strategies to remain relevant in Nigerian mobile market. It is called Glocal, we think global and act local. Also, we are taking strength in the quality of products that we are producing; we are trying to create a lot of value in the products that we are putting in the hands of the consumers of our products. Our products are designed with Nigerian consumers in mind. We are strong in the African market because we understand the preferences and the consumer needs in the African market. Nigeria being a key market in Africa, we are paying a lot of attention to it.

Success factors

We have our research and development team always around taking feedback about our products from our end users and we try to produce phones that are tailored towards what the Nigerian consumer needs. However, don’t forget that our products, both our feature and smart phones come with whole lots of features that are comparable to our global competitors, yet people don’t have to rip their pockets to purchase these products. They are very affordable mobile devices. This has made it possible for Nigerians to have access to products that are able to help them to do whatever they want to do on their mobile phones. These are the factors that have brought us to the level we are in today.

Tecno products and high quality

Tecno products are made with quality materials; these products also undergo all sorts of approval processes through the regulatory bodies and government agencies in the country before they are sold in the Nigerian mobile device market. So, before these phones are sold, we carry out a lot of quality assurance tests on the products, to make sure that we are not bringing substandard products into the Nigerian mobile market while keeping our products affordable. We want to see that more Nigerians use quality and affordable mobile devices to enhance their lifestyle wherever they are and in whatever they do.

Nigerian economic recession and sales of mobile devices in the market

Nigeria economy is facing very big challenge, it is obvious because the prices of phones have increased and the demand for smartphones has drastically decreased. Before, our consumers normally will change their phones at least twice a year, but everything has changed now. Consumers now want more affordable phones. The economic recession has affected our sales, consumers now go for feature phones and smart phones between the range of N25,000 and N30,000.

How Nigerian can come out of the recession

Nigerians are very resilient and I have no doubt that the country will soon move out of recession. Government should invest in infrastructure and also support the development of SME’s, these will lead to wealth creation for the country and then boost the economy.

Tecno long term market strategy in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of our biggest markets in the continent, so we are committed to creating employment and contributing our quota to economic growth. Tecno has developed a blueprint of long term strategy in the market and in years to come we will be implementing this strategy to sustain our market dominance.

Consumer’s complaint on after sales service

We are aware that after sales service is key and winning factor, since we entered into Nigeria mobile market, so our partner for after sales service is Carl care. We have over 95 centers in Nigeria with over 100 well trained engineers to deal with after sales services. We also have 12 plus one month’s warranty for our products and we make sure that any problem with Tecno products is resolved within 72 hours. We have one of largest network of service centers for mobile phones in the country. You need to take a trip to our facility in Lagos. We have very comfortable offices for the repair of defective products and we have a lot of spare parts for these devices in the country.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In January 2014, TECNO ran a campaign called “Talk and Clean” in a bid to reduce e-waste in Computer Village in Lagos. This year, we commissioned another CSR Project, Light up Ikeja project with 88 solar powered iflux streetlights. We also provided educational materials and stationeries to pupils from public schools in Lagos and offered N100,000 scholarships each to top 3 performing kids in school ahead of the 2016 Children’s Day celebration.

Why high end mobile devices

High handed devices are now the leading device in the mobile market industry, so we have to move with the tide of the industry. However, we are not forgetting our source, which is the low ended devices. If we are producing low ended devices alone, we will lose our customers who are craving for high ended devices to send emails, transact business and carry out other activities. We will continue to provide products that cover all segments in the Nigerian market.

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