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Why ladies prefer keeping male friends to female friends

It is common knowledge that ladies will rather keep male friends than their female peers. KWASU TIMES seeks to find out why this is so. OJO DEBORAH of our Woman Desk speaks to a cross section of students of this university. Her report:

1Name: Adediji Mercy
DEPT: Accounting
Level: 100

I prefer keeping male friends to female friends because guys are secretive but some girls you will tell them not to disclose your secret but they will later disclose it.






Name: Zipporah2
DEPT: Public Health Science
Level: 300

Using myself as an example, I am used to guys. I am the only girl of my family. I find it easy to associate with guys because of my background.






3Name: Ibrahim Abdulsalam
DEPT: Geology and Mineral Science

I think it could be for various reasons. It could be natural or it can be based on family background; a female child having brothers will feel more comfortable in guy’s company. It can also be because of fun or means of getting money.





Name: Adeoti 5
DEPT: Accounting
Level: 400

Females believe they don’t have personal confidence in one another. They believe a male will want to keep their secret because of his own personal interest such as likeness or love. They know ladies don’t have personal interest in one another and they believe with guys their shame is being covered.

4Name: Oguntona Oluwaseun
DEPT: Accounting
Level: 400

I think ladies keep male friends because they believe they can confide in male than female friends. Also, if there is any little misunderstanding between two female friends they will expose each other’s secret unlike the guys who will keep a secret.

Name: Kofoworola Babalola6
DEPT: Agricultural Science
Level: 500

When you to talk to a male friend they will talk to you like brothers. I keep male friends than female friends because male are secretive.

8Name: Feyibola Jane
DEPT: Electrical Engineering
Level: 200

Female keep male friends because they think they can confide in guys because girls can easily betray a girl. Guys think about what will be their gain if they betray girls. Also, girls can’t share their secret with their female friend’s especially any secret that has to do with relationship for example; they can snatch each other’s boyfriend.

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