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How to make your face look fabulous in 30 minutes

Every lady wants to look her best irrespective of where she is going. It’s normal because you don’t know who you might meet on the way, it could be a lost friend, an Ex, a future husband, admires. You never can tell or it could just be self-love. But the problem is how to look that good in such a short time. So here are some basic things you need to always look fabulous.

Firstly, your brows, imagine shaving off a ladies brows, I can’t just imagine she’ll look too incomplete irrespective of her full make up. So to achieve a perfect brow you need a brown (color 18) or black pencil or you could just use a brow gel, you need an angle brush and concealer to clean out the edges and mistakes while drawing the brows to get a perfect brow. A well-drawn brow makes the difference in makeup. To achieve a perfect brow you need to shape your brow, and then you trace the brow with the pencil or brow gel and after clean out the edges with an angle brush, and always remember to clean out the concealer used properly on the brow to achieve a dashing brow.

Second is your foundation, always get the best foundation for your skin. In case of an oily skin never get an oily foundation instead you can get a matte primer or a matte foundation, in case of a dry skin moisturize your skin and go for a slightly oily foundation, in case of acne and spots you can get a full cover makeup but if you want to look natural then you go for a less cover makeup that will make you look natural. And for additions never get a foundation that is lighter than you, always get your perfect shade; blend it properly with your neck so your neck doesn’t look lighter than your face. Proper blending of the perfect shade of foundation allows you to have a flawless face color and glow, then of course your powder for a better coverage and a less oily finish.

Third your lipstick, a girl’s lipstick adds glow to her makeup. To pick your lipstick it depends on the kind of look you want to achieve. If it’s an innocent look you can always go for a pink, either gloss or matte, in case of natural always go for a nude or pink nude, in case of flashy and loud go for a red and an I don’t care look go for a purple, and a gothic look go for a black. But then always feel free to play around with colors and create your own look, always learn to break trend.

Lastly it’s optional though but what is wrong with a little blush and glow. Always learn to use your bronzer at the bridge of your nose, your fore head, your cheeks and your chin and don’t be afraid to go for a little blush.

I hope you were able to learn some tips on how to get ready fast and still look gorgeous. Stay beautiful ladies.

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