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How to build solar panel with used CD

By Ahmed Ridwan

Nigeria is naturally endowed with hydropower where the hydrological cycle is being controlled by the sun as well as wind power where the movement of air is due to the heating effect of the sun on the atmosphere.
In general, heat, electrical energy, chemical energy and kinetic energy can be provided through the solar energy conversion.
Solar power can be perceived as an ideal energy source because it is free and virtually limitless. Solar power can be seen as the source behind various forms of renewable energy and all of the energy on earth. Therefore, with the increase in intensity of solar radiation reaching the earth, it is paramount that this invaluable response will be put into adequate and efficient use in various area of life. Solar energy utilization takes its source in the early ages when solar energy (sun) was used as a clock, for preservation of food, drying of agricultural products such as grains, cassava (tubers, or marsh), yam flakes, meat, fish, skins, cooking and frying of some agricultural product which are not preserved or sold raw.
In modern age, solar power has been improved upon to get greater value, efficiency and time saving. Solar power is over growing and ever expanding in it uses, including heating and lightning of animal pens, pumping of water and irrigation, food and vaccine storage. Solar energy has found wide usage in Nigeria in one way or the other, such as solar street lightning, solar refrigerator, solar cooker and solar powered etc. solar power device have been designed, build and adopted by some institution, houses, industry and tertiary institution across the country. An instance is that of the Kwara State University (KWASU) whichhas developed over 200KW solar power on campus. This however is being used to power laboratories, Administrative block, Main Library, street light, and Student Hostels.
Lastly, the basic problem of solar energy lies in the high initial cost, including high installation, so it is highly unavoidable by the rural dwellers. But the spectacle surrounding solar power is that is not all the time you need you need huge amount of money for it installation. It is something you build just by disposal CD in the backyard of your house.
It is therefore as simple as step by step procedures listed below;
Step 1
Material needed to build solar panel
1. CD
2. Zener diodes
3. Copper wire
4. Super glue or gum
5. Sold iron
6. Led
7. Wire
8. 2v,5v or 1,000MAH battery
Step 2:
Procedure or Process
• Place the CD on a flat table.
• Place your copper wire on the CD and use the copper wire to form letter (M) on the CD and as you are forming the letter you use your glue or gum to glue it on the CD. Between the edges of each curve you will place your zener diodes at the centre and join it with the second curve that form letter (M) with your sold iron and led.
• After the joining is completed you will leave your first curve that form M edge and the last M non joined
• Sold your wire to the last two edges you didn’t join, one wire will represent positive (+) and the second wire will represent negative (-).
• Connect the positive and negative to any of the following battery and charge for like three to four hours every day by placing it under the sun between the hours of 11am to 3pm.
• After then battery is charged connect it to your lamp or touch light and start enjoying then power of solar energy.
This panel will be useful for student and most especially the market women to charge their lamp (kerewa) during the day and make use of it at the night.

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