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Towards a successful student entrepreneur

By Adenike Ajiboye, Okunola Margaret & Okeke Cynthia

Inarguably, there are university students, who go through their academic pursuit without equipping themselves for future life. However, there are other set that strike the balance in attending classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, even performing excellently in their tests and examinations.
Interestingly, gone are those days when jobs in big companies and organizations await the undergraduates. This is an era of hottest entrepreneur when Students must actually realize that their college degree doesn’t guarantee them employment. Young people with great minds are hungry to start their sole businesses. However, the common barriers that keep posing to their ingenuity are high esteem placed in education by their parents, lack of necessary knowledge and skills, fear of taking risk, fear of failure, fear of exploring new thing, fear of the unknown.
Following the above, research has shown that the increase in some tertiary institution tuition fee coupled with no predetermined college requirements, most of the inspired laden university students are started to glimmer and finding it harder to invest in businesses.
Similarly, it was discovered that most of the great minded college students, who really want to venture into business world right from campus, lack basic principles and prerequisite on how to go about it.
So if you consider yourself this way, then you have to nurture your mind with the following nuggets and principles. Here you go with fundamental step to step on how to start a small scale enterprise.
The first right step towards becoming an entrepreneur is to try as much as you can to align your degree with your business, or vice versa. Take for instance, you are a student of computer science and you are thinking of becoming a video game software developer. Without an iota of doubt the knowledge you have gained in the field will be valuable for your startup. As you won’t even have to worry about your grades as you bridge the gap between school and business. Therefore my point is not for you to relax for less due to the fact that you are studying the course that go in line with your degree, rather what I am trying to reel out is that while others are studying only what they were taught in class, you as an entrepreneur have to go extra mile in tapping other sources of information where you can develop on your knowledge, leverage online courses and catapult your vision by researching on how those who have become professional in the field get it done.
To create balance between academics and business can be a great task to face. You may not be able to do both at the same time, thereby warranting academics hindrance in your business startup or vice versa. To avoid this, a simple to do list can help you in this situation. Caution most be taken in creating this schedule as your goals must be simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Similarly as a rising entrepreneur you must leverage on four quadrants matrix of Eisen Hower, the 34th president of United States of America (USA) by determining the circle at which your goals will fall to. Utilizing this you have determined which goals are urgent and important, not urgent but important, urgent but not important then goals that are not urgent and not important.
Our emotions and overall mood affect our thoughts and actions. It is however a great struggle for a student that procrastinates to finish one page assignment on a weekend. So if you have decided to be an entrepreneur, your weekend most be, as busy, as weekdays by committing yourself to the implementation of the project you set to achieve no matter how the weather or environment may be and how strong your laziness may be as well. And also you should take it cognizant to carry out your biggest goal that you probably might procrastinate first.
By leverage, you do more with less. Ensure you always tap into any available resources provided by your school authority. Universities do provide several resources for their student to utilize for free, the likes of wi-fi, entrepreneurship seminars, printing services, and library materials to mention but a few. While other entrepreneurs spend most of their budget on discount, you can take advantage of student’s discount. If your university has materials that could help grow your little business, approach the right source of information in the department involved and do more with less. This will surely be cheaper than hiring; you will save yourself a lot of trouble in case the business starts to scale quickly and grows into a big company in the future.

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