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Are Nigerian youths truly lazy?

By Odior Osimhega Solomon

This picture was originally taken for the means of photographic exhibition but later found out to be seen, portraying contents of a job searching individual in Nigeria. This is likely related to 70 per cent of Nigerian youth, who find it difficult acquiring a job, due to increase for the search of white collar jobs. Who exactly do we blame for the lack of job opportunities; the government, the Nigerian academic system which has failed in preparing the undergraduate for the real deal, or ourselves?
In the 2015 general elections, a party stepped up claiming to be a change and would develop the country than the pre-existing ruling party ever since Nigeria started democracy. The party ran series of campaigns and promised to provide millions of job opportunities to Nigerian youths. They also went further to promise a stipend of N5,000 to all youths. It is sad to see that after this party took over power, we haven’t seen any improvements. Now the youths have been tagged the lazy NIGERIAN YOUTHS by the very government that assured the youths of change. This act by the government only proves that the promises were made only to win our votes.
Most people would blame the Government for the lack of job, at least I would. As a Nigerian searching for job, you sometimes never get called back for the jobs and at the end of the day find yourself constantly standing at newsstand hoping to find a suitable job vacancy in printed sheets of paper.
It is a known fact that universities in Nigeria now encourage students in becoming entrepreneurs by inculcating entrepreneurship activities in day-to-day learning during their stay in the universities. Now, the questions that readily come to mind are why is there still a constant rise in unemployment rate every year? Should youths depend on the government to provide employment for graduates who seek white collar jobs? What is the government doing to reduce the rate of unemployed youths? The constant rise in unemployment only proves the inefficiency of the government and I think we shouldn’t depend on them because they’ve not exactly taken steps to ensure that jobs are being provided.
As an individual, I think there are numerous solutions to solving these problems that we face as youths. The government should focus more on creating forums for undergraduates in various universities across the country to learn more skills in order to create easier means of earning. The government should also create empowerment centers across the country to train and empower the unlearned gain opportunity into the creative world; they should direct funds and power into this and it could in other ways reduce cost of unemployment and also help put the economy on strong footing.
Government should also provide non-interest loans for the students to be able to acquire tool needed to start their own entrepreneurial business. Funds should also be directed in building sustainable and adequate facilities for universities to educate and prepare the undergraduates for the real life situation, so that upon graduation, they don’t only settle for white collar jobs, but can earn a living through their acquired skill sets.

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