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Studentpreneurship: A means of sustenance on campus

By Muhammed Toyibat, Ajayi Janet & Abdulrasheed Muftau

Studentpreneurship entails combining one’s studentship with a business so as to either make an end to a means or means to an end. It is now common these days; seeing students venturing into one form of business or the other within the campus premises, in their hostels, fellowships and other notable places.
This present trend which has now been coined into ‘Studentpreneurship’ is gaining popularity and attention at the Kwara State University, Malete, an institution whose one of the founding philosophies is to combine academic excellence with entrepreneurial skill which are basically what our society needs in order to produce both high level and middle level manpower needed for economic growth and technological advancement of humanity. Lots of students now engage in businesses so as to complement whatever stipend or allowance they do receive from their respective parents, while some others go directly into business and save whatever profit earned from such business to sponsor themselves through school.
It is worthy of mention that there are a whole lot of businesses students can go into without affecting their academic activities. These businesses, if carefully planned and managed well, will improve one’s financial status.
Apparently, this is a good step in a right way in the course of improving our economy and attaining development; a pointer to Nigeria’s attainment of the Vision 20:2020 project.
Here are 12 business activities you can run as student so as not to be broke on campus:
1. Laundry Services: Rendering laundry services can be a means of making money on campus. Some students and staff members do patronize the laundry to take care of their clothes. A student can run a personal laundry services by getting clothes from his/her colleagues during the weekends and rendering laundry service for money.
2. Photography: Photography is now a major business for students as it can generate much profit. All it requires for starting this business is a good camera and a mini laptop for editing pictures. With photography you can make a steady income. Students patronize photographers for birthday photoshoot, wedding shots and event coverage.
3. Hair Stylist: Hair making is another major business on campus which can generate profits. If one is skilled in hair making for either male or female one can easily get student-customers to start with.
4. Mini Importation: This is a very good business a student can start. Mini importation business is all about sourcing for cheap items from oversees and other major towns and reselling them on campus. This is done by making orders from international e-commerce websites like Ali-express, E-bay, Amazon, Jumia etc. one can make double profits by engaging in mini importation. One can order for phone accessories like power banks, earpiece, Bluetooth speakers and more. Wristwatches, face caps, bracelets and some other fashion accessories can also be bought at cheap prices. One might need about 50,000 or more to invest in a mini – importation business. If this business is managed properly, one can make good profits.
5. Baking: This is another lucrative business for students. If one is skilled in cake baking and pastries like meat pie, doughnut, egg rolls and more, you can bake and sell them to your fellow students, or give out in wholesale price to someone who can do the retail sales. Students celebrate their birthdays and most times request for birthday cakes.
6. Clothing Accessories: Sales of Bags, clothes and footwear is another hot selling business on campus. This business may require some capital between N50,000 – N100,000 but it is very profitable in nature if handled properly.
7. Graphics Designing: This is also a business that can bring in cool money for a student. Graphics designer are highly sourced for around students environs. As a student with skills in graphics work, you can be contracted to do any of these work; banner, logo, business cards, magazines, year book and album, publications etc.
8. Cards and Data Service: Recharge cards and data are highly sourced for by almost everyone, not even the students alone.
9. Event Planner: This is another service that can be rendered to make money. As a student, you can take the contract of planning events; majorly birthday, get together, orientations and so on. You can also develop the skill of anchoring such programmes as an anchorperson. It is also a business idea that can be expanded even after graduation.
10. Beads and Jewellery Making: Beads are less expensive and mostly patronized by ladies. One can develop bead making skills and create beautiful beads that can be sold on campus. If one is not skilled in bead making, you can easily take bead making classes from experts. Bead making training do not take that long, it can be learnt within few weeks.

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