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By Muhammad Aisha Bolakale

It is a pity that money has been valued more than love and it’s so sad we prayed for money and make it the basis of our coexistence not love. Nowadays, money has been the chase rather than love. The rich befriends one another and leave the needy to search for their types, Where is the love?
Surprisingly, women chase their future partners not because of love or affection but because they are entice by his wealth and money, they trapped themselves in the name of money. However, they later resulted to divorce when their reinforcements (money) is no more and they begin to see so many faults in a small thing that love can help to endure.
Amazingly, a friendship that was built on money with flawless eyes, when the money cease , what do they have to offer themselves? Seems it’s hatred, because their flawless eyes would have evaporated with the money and they begin to see so many faults in a small thing that love can help to endure.
I tell you, if you are well furnished, people will love you even your enemies,. My friend don’t be carried away thinking they truly loved you, once you lack and you are lagging behind, you wouldn’t find even a single person. Listen, that portrays they love your money not you because your respect would have vanished with your money and they begin to see so many faults in a small thing that love can help to endure.
I’m very sure if Dangote runs down now, his chanting will stop because his fame would be supressed because he is penniless. Better say, who is then the rich Abiola now? Does he still get smile from people when his name is mentioned? Or, does he get often prayer from Folks? No! Only if he is buried in his mansion and not a mere six feet.
It’s so sadden how ladies think, once guys get them all they want means they truly love them and vice versa. Procuring iPhone for them confirms the love is unshakable. You will see them saying “I Cannot marry a man who doesn’t have money” “I can’t have a poor friend” “he must build a mansion for me before he marries me” “he must give a tangible thing for my bride price” and so on. But few hearty say “promise to love me forever ” “I love you ” “remember me in all your dealings” ” I want to see the zenith of love and passion in you ” “you inspire me”, is there any? All this is not only what you say with lips because it’s very deceptive, but what your eyes and heart cry and bleed just to say it. But why don’t we embrace love and not mere money and possession that can vanish anytime. Love sticks to the heart, money stays in the eyes.

Seeing brethren fight and kill themselves all because of money is totally out of it. Can’t you see money has supersede the love?
Take for instance, a home where love is shared they tend to live peacefully and happily, compare to a home where all they think of is money and luxurious life. Love makes life prosperous and worthy not money. Love buys everything including attention and care. What can money buy? Than pride, attraction and fake love.
Come to think of it, a heart filled with love can be controlled but a mind will money can never be controlled, because it’s full of pride and ego. You can go to any extreme for love, you can also do it for money but with doubts and regrets together with greediness.
You know what love is?
Love is a feeling and affection you have towards one another, To love is to support. Love is when you have nothing to offer than your heart as an offer. Love is to care for people, love is to believe in hardship and continue swimming even when you have no ship at the shore nor there is a sign of land . Love is when you discover delight from a situation (Good or Bad). Love is knowing someone’s flaws and still tries to overlook it. Love is true. Love is invaluable. Love is to have space in people’s hearts. Love is to conquer people’s heart.
But money is a valuable thing that has been used to buy love. Money has replaced the love I support.
I say that money has no space in heart! Money has no space in heart!! I repeat that three times, Money has no space in heart!!! It’s
Just attraction if I could say.

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