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By Oluwafemi Jeremiah Towoju

Making a few simple lifestyle adjustments, without spending any money, or little amount of money can make a huge difference to your health and may well be easier to maintain in the long term, being cost effective and self-directed. Here are some tips on creating a healthy lifestyle which is sustainable and budget friendly below.

1. Plan Your Meals
Making food decisions at the point when you’re ready to eat can mean you opt for something quick and convenient, and anything cheap is usually not going to be particularly nutritious or satisfying. Meal planning makes life easier many ways, including having ingredients in the fridge or kitchen you can whip together, it is quicker than the time it takes to head to the shops and back or to get takeaway food. It also allows you to economize ingredients across multiple dishes which means you spend less and waste less food. The additional benefit is that you can plan meals which will provide enough protein, vitamins and minerals so you’ll be satiated throughout the day and more energetic, reducing the need to purchase additional snacks for an energy hit.

2. Shop At local Markets
Buying fresh foods can seem expensive, but compared to packaged or processed foods, the key nutrients they provide are far more valuable. Produce bought at local Markets generally lasts longer and is cheaper than fruit and vegetables available at larger grocery chains. One of the key reasons is the produce is seasonal and far fresher, not having to be frozen or travel great distances. Heading to the local Markets just before they close means you can get a range of fresh foods at slashed prices when sellers are trying to get rid of extra produce.

3. Get Creative With Food Waste
You can start a garden: Grow whatever you can in the space you have. There are so many vegetables and herbs that can grow in a variety of environments,Growing your own vegetables and herbs means you’ll always have something fresh on hand to add flavor and substance to your meals and you can pick exactly what you need.

4. Drink water:
A seemingly obvious one, but drinking water is one of the cheapest and most important things we can do for our health. A small investment in a durable water bottle will mean you can avoid dishing out a couple of Naira each time you get thirsty on the go! Not drinking enough water can make us feel like we are hungry, More water throughout the day may also help to curb extra spending on snacks.

5. Exercise For Free
Exercise can be done anywhere at anytime even while you work if you’re creative enough! Some ideas for cheap and impacting exercise include:
i. Walking instead of catching public transport or driving. (If you have a longer commute, try getting off a few stops earlier or parking further from your destination.)
ii. Go for a long walk or run in your neighborhood.
ii. Hikes , check out nature walks and hiking areas near you. Hikes are great for the body and mind!

6. Creative And Mental Balance
To improve your overall well-being, spiritual well-being and mental stimulation are crucial. Taking care of these needs doesn’t have to cost much at all! Seeing friends, checking out free entertainment including music and comedy, reading, engaging in creative pursuits like drawing and playing an instrument are all activities that have an important place in a healthy lifestyle and can even balance and improve prospects of healthy eating and exercise. As more of your physical and emotional needs are met, the better you feel overall and the more motivated you’ll be to maintain balance and sustainable health.

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